About ZC

Zombie Camels First Ride
The Premier MTB club.

Our humble beginnings started September 2014 when a couple of avid mountain bikers decided to start a MTB Meetup group called North East Georgia Trail Riders.

Our group was very successful with popular trips to local trails, rides in the North Georgia mountains and weekend camping outings. As we grew in numbers we realized that we wanted to invite more people around the country, so we started searching for an identity that would capture our spirit of biking and having a good time doing it.

Long time member and master home brew of the club, Jon "Brew" Jones, asked his 5 year old son what should we call ourselves; he immediately replied, "Zombie Camels."

Unlike many groups we will never charge a fee for you to join our rides. From young to old, fast to slow, all are welcome!

Advocacy & Community

We care about the trails we ride & the community around us. We ride responsibly, support our local chapters, bike shops and encourage conscientious use of the trails we love so that the next generation of bikers can experience the joy of riding them just as we do.


We are more than a group of random cyclists; we are a family of mountain bike enthusiasts who share a common passion. As a member of our group you are never left stranded or unsupported, due to our strict no-drop rule, to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone.


We love bikes! We can't help but share our latest builds, wish lists and collections. Whether you are on a super light single speed or a 35-pound DH machine; Whether you're an all-day endurance rider, or like to send it over doubles and 6' rock drops, all are welcome.